February 2005 Entries

The New Unit In Bris-Vegas


Saturday 26th February


OMG! I’m soooo over Subway, ye olde subbage. These people couldn’t run a store to save thier lives! And the way they treat thier employees! I’m soooo quiting. Too bad i need the money so desperatley . . . . 😦


Wednesday 23rd February


Yes, i know, i know. Don’t yell at me. I never update the site 😦 Looks like my new years resolution isn’t going as well. My new years resolution was to create this site and maintain it so all my friends could keep up to date on all my gossip. But guys and gals, i swear, there’s like no gossip to share. All i’m doing is studying and working. Boring stuff! If i had anything interesting to share, i would share it believe me . . . lol


Monday 14th February

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Happy Birthday Alan!


Friday 11th February


Hey guys, apoligies for not keeping the site updated. I’m really just trying to settle into Brisvegas and my course and it’s just a bit of a change for me, i’ve gone from working and partying on the Gold Coast & Adelaide, to fully settling down and studying in Brisbane, it’s a bit of a change for me . . . . No other goss really, we’ve got heaps of work in class. At the moment were doing Conveyancing. So i’m learning how to purchase and sell a property and all this other crap like adjusting land rates and water usage and PAMD forms and REIQ contracts, boring stuff. But i’ll manage i guess. Gonna take some photo’s soon of the units i’m in, there soooo cool! We’ve got a pool and a gym and it’s just, uh . . really cool. I’ll keep ya posted.


More Pics of the Unit and The Complex Below


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