March 2005 Entries

Friday 25th March

Yeh! I’m going home for easter! I get to see my folks plus Gemmy and The Bradman. My aunty, uncle and cousins should all be there too. So it’ll be a packed house for easter. I’m on holidays this week, a whole weeks holidays, i’m so excited, but once i get back home to Brisvegas from Lismore, it’s straight back into homework. I might be getting some work experience @ Nova, so that’ll be cool. I’ll keep ya posted. Have a Happy Easter everyone!


Wednesday 16th March


I’m really sick! I thought maybe when i woke up Monday it was because of my big Sunday @ The Wickham. But i woke up really chesty and coughing and stuff, so i’m sick (but you really needed to know that didn’t you . . .lol)Anyways, i had a very star-studded weekend! Guess who i saw, live!, okay, i’ll just come out with it: Scribe, Delta Goodrem, Cosima Devito and Tina Cousins!And i got to touch Cosima’s hand! (Lol, i’m in love) I’ll post up the photo’s soon for you to see. But i didn’t get any photo’s of Cosima coz Cam had the camera and i couldn’t find him, lol.No other news really. Schools same us usual. We’re going to the OSR tomorrow (aka: The Office Of State Revenue) so hopefully i won’t fall asleep like i did last week at the Department of Natural Mines and Energy, hehe


Friday 11th March


Okay, maybe i don’t hate Brisbane as much (omg, i never thought i’d ever say that) hehe. But nah, there are quite a few good things about Brisneyland


1 – The Ferry

OMG, how cool is the ferry?! It’s da bomb! We didn’t have anything like this on the Gold Coast, plus the ferry stop is like, right across the road, from my units. Good stuff! It’s cool coz you catch it from the city, @ North Quay, and go around the corner, so you get to see Southbank and the Botanical Gardens, then you keep going down past Riverside and see the Story Bridge. Keep sailing down a bit and you go around the corner of New Farm park and the Powerhouse, then once you go around the corner again, you can tell Teneriffe coz all of a sudden you see all these old warehouses and stuff. The ferry trip is definatly the bomb


2. The Family


No, not my actual family, i’m talking about Family, the nightclub in the valley. Alright, so i already knew it was there before i came to Brissie, but it’s even better now that it’s just around the corner!


3. FiX Restuarant


Yeh! I found my Brisbane equivilent of the Opium Bar, in Broadbeach, Gold Coast. I was so upset when i left the Goldie as i could no longer go to my fave reataurant. But i found somewhere that fills the void, FiX, it’s the city at the Port Office Hotel. Good meals, good prices, good music, good service, you can’t go wrong.Plus there’s plenty of other stuff that’s swaying my opinion of Brisbane. Okay, so maybe this place ain’t so bad afterall . . . .


Tuesday 1st March


Happy 21st Candice! Hope Newcastle’s going well and i can’t wait to comedown and visit you again, we have to go to Fanny’s lol (Apparently it’s some hot nightclub in Newcastle, don’t ask me . . .lol)

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