April 2005 Entries

I don’t know what i was trying to do to Amy here !?!


28 April – 25 Miles 2 Home Girl . . . .

Yeh, i love this song! “25 miles to home girl, 25 miles to home” Nova rocks! Anywayz, omg, i’m so glad, i finally got my Leasing Assessment out of the way, the presentation part anyway. Just gotta worry about the report now 😦 And to add to the unpleasentness, lol, our Exam is in exactly one week! Next Thursday! This is like, what i’ve spent the last 5 months of my life working towards, and i’m soooooo not prepared for it! Arrrgghh!

Not to mention my Stamping & Registration Assessment, My Seller File and the Leasing Report. I finally got my Trust Accounts one out of the way. Anywayz, i should probably stop bitching about school.


Nothing else has been happening. I’ve got another four day weekend, yippee! I might actually study during the next four days, as opposed to last weekend when i lounged around on the couch and watched Colin Farrel movies. Oh yeah, and on Saturday we go to the auction for the house in the Valley. Oh wait, did i tell you about that? I’ll fill you in Saturday anywayz. Cyaz 😉


25 April – Heya

Hi there folks. I got a bunch of comments back regarding the joke my mum sent me so here’s another one she sent me a few weeks ago.


Santa Clause has broken his leg and can’t deliver presents to all the kiddies anymore! But don’t worry, Michael Jackson has offered to go into little boys rooms and empty his sack! Lol, how terrible is that! It gets worse, my mum also sent me this one not long after:

Michael Jackson says to wife Debbie after giving birth “How long before we can have sex?” Wife Debbie replies “For fucks sake, give it a chance to walk!” Hehe, hope you like the jokes folks!


And also today is Anzac Day, “Lest We Forget”


24 April – Lol

Man says to his wife “Your arse is the size of a four burner bbq”

Later he asks for a root.

Wife says “No fucking point lighting up the bbq for half a sausage”!

Lol, my MUM sent this one to me! hehe



Uh, what a hangover! Had a big one last night, and i was well overdue for one as well! Hadn’t been out and about in weeks. Last nights festivities included a long winded and frustrating drive out to Salisbury. Now maybe it’s just me being niave, but i just assumed coz i live so close to the city, everyone does, i know now thats not the case.


Anywayz, so Cam and i picked up Brad from his hotel and travelled the long distance to Salisbury to Amy’s 21st party. By the time we got there everyone was substantially trashed! But they started @ 2 in the arvo, so far enough. I opted for the “fashionably late entrance” and we got there a bit after dinner.


After all the fun @ Amy’s place, discussing authentic country music with her dad and arguing with all her friends over why the valley is better clubbing than the city, we all opted to go out in the city, so Cam dropped Brad, Courtney, Lauren and I off at the Port Office Hotel! I then reinforced the fact i hated going out in the city.

After a drink there, we thought we’d chase up the rest of the gang and after a string of missed calls and no replied text’s we assumed they’d be at the Mercury and made our way through the turmoil and mess that is the city @ 2am.


Lol, and get this, once we arrived Amy was in such a drunken state that she was ready to go home. (Oh don’t, still love ya sweetie xxx) But all in all we ended up having a good night. Cam came and got me and i ended up crashing at like 3.30 – 4am. SO yeah, i had a heaps great night, but talk about a hangover!


And the funny thing is, it’s all happeneing again tonight! You’d think i would learn . . . .


22 April – *Yawn*

I’m just outta bed and it’s 8.03am. Which isn’t too bad, except that ITS MY DAY OFF!!! Lol. I think i’m just gonna clean and study today. Class went well yesterday, our new principal Peter came in and filled us in on the whole work experience fiasco. Which basically resulted in no more work experience 😦 I’ve only got three weeks of class left and then thats it, i’ll have to start working!


Plus i’ve got plenty of homework to do over the long weekend (atleast i’ve got a four day weekend, haha) I’ve gotta get my seller file up-to-date, do my Leasing Presentation, as well as finish my Trust Account assessment and worry about my Stamping & Registration Assignment! AAAARRRGGGHHH! But it will all be over in three weeks . . .


20 April – Hey All

I’ve officially moved my blog to msn spaces, only coz it’s easier to manage and i can update it more. At this stage i’ll be keeping all my photos etc at my old blog. As well as my archives from the beginning of the year! Hope y’all like the new site!


Brad & Amy

Cam in his “Straight-Jacket”



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