I came to this sudden realisation today that Tuesday is the 3rd! Okay, before you start frowning and wondering when I’m off to the nut house, or start rolling on the floor with hysterical laughter, hear me out.

For the past few months i’ve known my settlement exercise was on the 3rd and have been preparing for it, but with all the other work i’ve been bogged down with lately, the time kinda creeped up on me and now all of a sudden it’s arrived!

It’s okay for my buyer file, it’s pretty much up-to-date (last time i checked, gulp) but as for my seller file (eeeek!) Looks like i’ll be spending the next two days studying my arse off.

Anywayz, in other news (hehe) i think Camz taking me to the Family tonight night for Fluffy, i’ve never been on a Sunday night so we’ll have to wait and see what it’s like, plus Mondays a public holiday so i’m cheering anyway.

Oh yeah: The Auction! For starters we were almost late! Hehe, and we got there and the bidding started at $450 000. I dont think they met the reserve though, the highest bidder was willing to go $530 000, but i’ll have to wait and find out if the auction fell through or not. I really hope so, we walked through the house again today and i fell in love with it all over again (oh, tear*) I’ll fill u’ze in when i know more, cyaz. 😉


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