I’m Back

Yes, i am still alive, just haven’t blogged for like a month. But last i caught up with everyone i was going to a friend of a friend of a friends birthday party (refer to May blog entries) and yeah it was heaps of fun, ended up going to the Wickham afterwards. Anywayz, my long and winding road to gain employment has come to an end. Why? you ask – coz I’ve got a job!

Yeh, i know, they hand out jobs to just any old one these days, lol! And that’s why i havn’t been online lately. I’m now working for a law firm in the city and it’s heaps mad. I’ve learnt that there’s soooo much more to Conveyancing than just what i learnt in the course. Rukshana and Jennifer even asked me if i found the course relevant to my job. I thought about it and decided yes, it was. However i think we definatly could’ve covered more Leasing and Tenancies and CTS and stuff, coz like, it’s south east Queenland and investment properties and rentals are just a huge part of the market here.

Speaking of which, i’m over my little hate relationship with ye olde Brisvegas. It’s really not as bad as i always thought it was when i lived on the coast. I’ve settled in fine, but now whenever we go down to the coast to visit friends or whatever i really do miss it. But i just couldn’t imagine living there again. Brisbane’s not as liveable as the coast, there’s more ideots and traffic and stuff up here, yet it does suit me better. So i can stop my little “i hate Brisbane” campiegn now. I don’t hate it anymore. Plus, where else in the world can you climb a “Story Bridge”??? lol

Anywayz, i betta get home coz it’s like 6pm and i’m still @ work. I wanna be home in time for Big Brother. But yeah, now that i’ve settled into work and stuff i’ll definatly keep my space updated more often so you can all keep track of me. Catch ya’z soon! PS: I’m buying a new phone in the next week hopefully, i’ll tell you about it tomorrow. 😉


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