OMG! So 2006 Right Now !?!

Lol, it’s 2006! Okay first things first, i may as well ‘fess up immediatley:

New Years Resolution #1: Quit biting my nails, i know i know, i acknowledge that it is absolutely disgusting.

New Years Resolution #2: Actually use my gym membership, just forking out the $$$ doesn’t get rid of my fat gut!!

New Years Resolution #3: A Tan! Why not?

New Years Resolution #4: Finally start the business. It’s all set up, i’ve just gotta get the ball rolling. Plus how good would it feel to answer: “What Do U Do 4 A Living?” “Oh, I Own A Property Settlements Agency” !!! 😉

New Years Resolution #5. Go for my licence. It’s about time right?? I’m 22 this year 🙂

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let me fill you in on the New Years Goss! I ended up cancelling the limo 😦 But only coz Cam offered to be our personal taxi driver, (kidding muffin 🙂 ) Went to Bears Rave at Monaco Street Parklands, wasn’t really happening much so we went straight to Amber’s party @ Broady. Watched the fireworks on the beach! It was awesome. Then we headed to Platinum and had an awesome night. Havn’t had a mad night out in bloody ages . . .

Al headed back to Wagga. I’ll catch up with him again soon. Went up to Gympie today to see Camz dad and have lunch, fell asleep on the couch!?! Terrible. But anywayz, must be my bed time . . .


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