February – April 2006

Bec & Rose @ 6am!


27 March – Sooo Tired

Okay, time for a major catch up! I have made a vow that i am going to keep my blog up-to-date and not leave it alone for months at a time. If i ever get bloody organised and go travelling then i’ll have to keep it up to date, so i may as well get into the habit now right? Pus there’s so much bloody stuff to babble on about i may as well start 😉


Firstly, i’ve done something i promised myself i would never do again! I’m back working at Subway 😦 When Cam & I left Adelaide i made him promise that he wouldn’t let me go back, and guess what, i’m back! It’s only untill the business takes off, oh yeah, the business!


Well, the business is finally up and running, Azza and i worked on the website and it looks great, check it out @ www.settlementsplus.com.au. Yeh! That’s my business! Anyways, it picked up fairley quickly in the first few weeks, but now it has died down and i havn’t got any work for the past week 😦 Actually, i should be working now, but i’m a bit dismayed because i havn’t got any calls, or lodgings, or any general work at all. Plus i can’t really save to go travelling and clubbing and shopping and stuff when i’m not making any money (hence why i’m back @ Subbage 😦


BUT, there is something that has made going back to Subbage alot easier. Everyone that works there! Notably Bec, Rachel, Rose & Michael. I’ve been constantly dragged between The Beat, The Wick & The Casino (!?!) nearly every night for the past two weeks !!!!! I need some sleep.


I guess the best example of my clubbing rampage and severe lack of sleep was on Saturday when i worked at the Valley Subbage from 10am-4pm then went to New Farm Subbage and worked from 5pm-1am(!?!?!) then got picked up by Cam and taken into the city to meet Rose @ the Casino !!!! No-Doz is now my new best freind (which isn’t good is it?)


Anyways, last time i blogged i was telling ya’z i was going to see Shannon Noll, and he was EFFIN awesome! He’s sooooo hot! Jesus Christ Mavis! Plus Lee Harding was good too. Also caught Marcia & the Rogue Traders @ BGD! I love the Rogue Traders even more now!!! Which is good considering i was effin obsessed with them even before BGD.


Anyways, i think that brings you up-to-date. Like i said, i have made a vow to keep fully up to date. So we’ll see how go 😉


Becky-Boo (Plus my hot Tiger Couch!)


Becky Boo @ Her Place


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