“It’s Only Nova!”

Was at home with not much to do yesterday after we dropped Al back at the base, so decided to go and hang out with Cam at the Ekka. We just hung around in the Nova Park bit but i did manage to have a very short wander. It’s bigger than i remember it last year. Hung out in the caravan then i had to help the security guard escort the NovaMobile out of the grounds, it was scary stuff! Plus people are such ideots! Cam said he drove past these two chicks who looked at the car then turned to each other with thier noses in the air going “Uh, it’s only Nova, not like it’s Triple MMM or anything” Pmsl!

Also, have started that long and daunting process of loading up all my vids onto Channel [J]. I’ve even come across some clips on my computer that i forgot even existed, like these ones! I went and caught the Rogue Traders earlier in the year at BGD! They effin rocked yo! I got some clips of “Way To Go”, “Hella Good” (not a Rogues song but still mad!) and my fave’s including “Voodoo Child” & “Watching Me, Watching U”!


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