Endings & Beginnings

So the restaurant is over and done with. I’ve felt sadness, regret, failure, etc. I’m a lot better the past two weeks. I guess i have to return to normal life now. It was such a roller coaster! I’ll have to wait to hear more about it, and we’re in a shitload of debt, and by shitload i mean shitload!

Anyways, i guess the upside is I’m gonna have a lot more time on my hands. I went for an interview late last week with a law firm for a new client position, it went pretty well, sounded pretty promising. But I’m still at home now, waiting to hear from the recruitment agency. Fingers crossed! I think it’ll be good to get back into law. I did enjoy it the first time around, it wasn’t as demanding as the cafe but still demanding in a different way.

So i guess now the “Plan B” era has ended, i can look forward to a new beginning. I came out of it learning so much, seriously, i learned so much in those six months, not only about business and life in general, but about myself as well.


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