“Where The Hell Have You Been?”

are these not the biggest motherfuckin pills you’ve ever seen?

Where the hell have i been? Where the hell have i been? I’ll tell where i’ve been, in hospital thats where! I’m dying! Arrrggghhh!

Okay, so it may not be that serious, but some impromptu minor surgery was involved! It all started Friday when i felt i had a sore throat, so i attacked it with an army of blackberry soothers, resting assured that would obliterate any sore throat issues.

Alas, my plan didn’t work, and so Saturday morning saw me head for the Doctor who promptly stuck a penicillin needle in my ass then sent me to hospital. After a day in the hospital i was sent home with antibiotics.

But no! noooooo! That would be too easy now wouldn’t it? I again went to the hospital last night because not only could i not swallow the antibiotics, i couldn’t even swallow my own goddam saliva! (i can get a whole lot grosser if you like, hehe)

After like a million liters of Saline and a dump truck of drip antibiotics the doctor then proceeded to a lobotomy . . of my throat!! Not pleasant!

But anyways, here i am home again, a bit sobby and needy but home none the less, at least Linkin’s here to listen to me whinge!

“love you linkin xxx roaaar”


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