Parliament House, Brisbane

During my visit to the Botanical Gardens the other day i stumbled across the Old Government House and our Parliament House!! I knew the Parliament house was around there somewhere but had never taken the time to find it and check it out, so when i officially found it the other day i thought i’d better have a look!

It was cooler than i expected! Plus it was interesting to learn about all our English connections too. I knew we had quite a significant connection but it was cool to see how active it all is in todays times. This red chair above is reserved for the Queen when she visits Australia. She’s the only one (apart from the Queens representative) who is permitted to even sit in the chair and is used for parliamentary sittings when she is present.

I even learned that it was originally considered Queensland be called “Cooksland” after Captain Cook, who is recognised as the man who initally settled Australia. But, heaven forbid it not be a name that gave a nod to the Queen, hence the name “Queensland”. I also learned that Victoria was named after her, the name being decided along a similar process to the above.

Cool, right?


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