“Today witnessed the birth of an event i have been waiting my whole life for . . . “

I am finally getting off my lazy ass and going travelling! I hereby declare this momentus event “The World Trip: 2011”

And, to add even more excitement, i have challenged myself to do this within a month! (Well, by challenged myself i actually mean challenged myself to ask my boss for that much time off, lol) Also, i guess that’s what i get for not getting around to my travel plans like five years ago when i should have been all over it.

I’ll be loosely travelling with my friend Eyleen who’s travelling home to Germany to spend time with family and to the United States to visit a mutual friend, although i have plenty more desinations on my itinerary!

Based on a whole three hours of existence “TWT2011” is currently looking a little like this:

  • Singapore

I’d like to spend three or four days in Singapore and check out a few things like the Singapore Zoo & just the city in general.

  • Europe

Will be most likely hitting up Frankfurt, Germany to stay with my friend Eyleen and her family and to check out the local sights and sounds. I’d love to visit Berlin and Munich while i’m in the nieghbourhood too! Lol. Also while in Europe i’d like to spend a week or so in Sweden catching up with my friends Ida & Henke and i also assume no trip to Europe would be complete without stopping by the Big Ben, London, England!

  • United States of America

The US of A baby! First stop would have to be New York, New York, of course. To check out World Square, the Statue of Liberty & simply strut the streets of Manhatten a la Sex & The City, lol.

Then Eyleen and i would head for the windy city, also known as Chicago! Our friend Ted is from Chicago so would hopefully play tour guide and put us up! Lol.

I’d also have to hit sunny California to visit my friends Chris & Carla. They’ll hopefully still be living in Los Angeles / San Diego by this point but are considering moving up to Sacremento, so i’ll have to wait and see closer to the time. Must-do-list for Cali would include, but not be limited to: Los Angeles, San Diego & San Francisco!

I’d also try and head out East for a day or two or three to Houston, Texas to visit my friend Kaleb, and then on the way back to coast hit Vegas baby yeah!

So that’s a very rough draft of my travel plans! I’m aiming for a departure date of late March – early April!

And of course, i’ll keep you updated on all thangs TWT2011 🙂



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