oh hey!

Oh hey guys! I’m just on my two hour break and thought i’d pop in and say yo! Hell quiet at work today but i’m guessing tonight will be busy. I’m curious, after certain events unfolded today, if any of you lie or “bend the truth” on your resume? A new guy we’ve been trialing this week told me in his interview that he was confident with making coffee and at high volume, however, his first day on the coffee machine today, was a disaster!

In other news, i’ve got an awesome vid coming out on gdaymatejohn this weekend! My friend Eyleen and i hit the Gold Coast last weekend to make an EPIC video! I’ll fill you in on the details when the vid goes live.

It was great to finally have a video up on secretlifeofjohn again this week. It’s been so long! I think i’m the only person who’s second channel has more subscribers than his first channel, and yet i feel like i’ve been neglecting my secret lifers! No more! Seeing as the year is almost drawing to a close i wanted to include some of my favourite “never made it to the net” moments with you. So full steam ahead!

On that note i have two vids coming out before the end of the year i want to chat about now quickly. This first is what i’m going to call a “Time Capsule” vid. I wanted to include a few snippets of footage and my fave pics this year in one video as a time capsule, to be forever buried on the internet for the ages, lol. Keep an eye out for that one in the coming weeks as it will be very special to me.

Also, i’m pondering doing a “Best of 2010” vid with all my fave moments as a compilation vid. I remember doing one for TGB in 2009 and i still like to look back on that vid and laugh.

No other news or gossip, please feel free to message me with any comments or suggestions for the above vids and look out for my EPIC vid online this Sunday! 🙂


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