BFTP: October 2009

It’s “Blast from the Past” time again! I’m sure you well and truly know by now that i’m deleting my old blog “Secret Life of John” but not before moving every post & photo over here. Today i present to you my life in

October 2009!


October 16th “Feeling Retro”

I’m feeling a tad retro today, plus i’ve pulled out all my flouro coloured shirts, denim shorts and boardies! It’s summer time! Yay! I think i’ll move on from my wanna-be-emo-always-in-black-look. Although i still need a haircut! Lol (See Dailybooth Pic #1)
Um, no other news . . one more sleep til Manson woooot!
October 18th “Hot Mess”
OMG! Yes i do realise i look like a dreadful fright at the moment! (See Dailybooth Pic #2) I’m just out of bed and have to start work in a few hours 😦 & to top it all off i’m hungover as all hell, however . . . . MARILYN MANSON WAS AWESOME!
After i got back into town from the entertainment centre my flatmate had arrived home from a weeks holiday in Melbourne so it was definatly party time, and my mum came to visit so we all hit the town. I think we started walking home this morning at like 4.30am whilst i had a kebab falling out of my mouth, nice! xxx


October 24th “Happy Birthday Eyleen”

OMG! Some hilarious pics from my friend Eyleens birthday party. Happy birthday gorgeous! xx


October 25th “Manson-fest”

Yay! My flatmates sister helped me out and got me all “emo’d up” for the Marilyn Manson concert. How awesome!! (Thanx Kate xxx) It was absolutley awesome!!! I think Manson is definatley like on my list of bands to see live before i die. I did a video of the “Mansformation” which i’ll share once it’s up!

Also, even after a stellar concert i still seemed to have energy left to hit the town with my flatmates and my mum! I think you can tell i was a bit tanked by that point . . .


As well as a few videos “Skinny Jeans”, “BTS #5: Aussie BBQ”, “Mansformation” and “G’Day Mate John” (where i announced i was starting work on a new channel) finally there was a “This Time Last Year” Post.

1. I was saying goodbye to my friends Tony & Aurienne before they headed home to France
2. I still had The Flour Shop, lord!!
3 & 4. Jed & i road tripped it to Byron!
Well that was a busy month! There are plenty more posts from my old blog to come . . .

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