TRAVEL THURSDAY: Perth, Western Australia


This picture was taken at London Court, just off Hay Street Mall in Perth, Western Australia. London Court is this awesome little arcade that was created in the 1930’s to be a replica of England and Elizabethan times.

As i was wondering down the main mall of Perth with it’s modern art sculptures and latest trendy shops i spotted this little gem nestled between two large futuristic looking skyscrapers! Walking just a few meters in you really feel like you’ve stepped back in time and are wondering down a typical little English street from the days of old!

There’s plenty of cafes and gift shops to keep you busy for a few hours and lots of photo ops with statues and ornaments and of course the obligatory big clock (which is actually a replica of “The Great Clock” from Rouen in France), perhaps that sounds a little of place but it still manages to blend in nicely. If you ever make your way to Perth i definitely recommend getting lost wondering around the city and then stumbling upon this little lane.



One thought on “TRAVEL THURSDAY: Perth, Western Australia

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