If I were to say the word “Madagascar” to my young niece or any of her friends I’m imagining the images that would come to their minds would be of the animated childrens movies (are they Disney or Pixar or something?)

The thing is Madagascar is a real country and one that has held my curiosity for a long time. Islands such as this are some of my favourite places to explore. I love learning how a place has developed in its own right, with limited outside influences & from being so isolated. How fascinating is that?!


I don’t have any plans to visit this island in the short or medium term but I will most definitely be making my way over there at some point.

Another person who has a bizarre unfounded fascination with Madagascar is Matt Kresling. Honestly – I could count on one hand the number of travelogues on Youtube that absolutely have me on the edge of my seat and wanting more and this guy features one of them: “The Madagascar Journals”.

Do yourself a favour and watch the first episode below – it’s up to like Part 6 now and I’m willing to bet if you start the series below you’ll probably be sitting right where you are now in five or six hours time being absolutely enthralled with this journey.

Have you travelled to Madagascar? If so tell me all about it in the comments below! I need to learn everything!



  1. Unfortunately, I haven’t. But I know someone who had already booked a trip and blew it of because of fear – the airline was on the European Black list and because of Malaria… But hey, no risk, no life, huh?

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