I remember many years ago (long before i caught the wanderlust bug) meeting two backpackers where I lived in the very touristy town of the Gold Coast, Australia.

 They would talk about surfing in Bali, hitchhiking around Europe, chatting up South American girls and many other travel related things all day long.

What specifically stuck in my head all these years later was when one of them was happy to stay on the Gold Coast working for a few months longer and the other one wanted to head south for the “Ski Season”.

I had no idea what that meant. Plus being someone who really struggles in cold temperatures I couldn’t think of anything worse than deliberately going to the snow.

Fast forward many years and I now find myself in New Zealand surrounded by people who are making plans to head to the South Island for winter for this mysterious “Ski Season”.


At first you would think I would have the same thoughts as before – struggling in the cold, not knowing anything worse than being in the snow – but for some bizarre reason

I can see people’s eyes light up when they talk about applying for jobs for the season,

I can hear the enthusiasm in their voice at being able to ski and snowboard in their spare time, and

I can feel their excitement at the thought of being in amongst it during the “Ski Season”.

And when i look at it through their eyes, i feel the same way.


I must confess – being nice and warm is more appealing to me than freezing to death!

But exploring the world and experiencing everything it has to offer appeals to me more.

Maybe i should look into this “Ski Season” thing a bit more? . . .


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