After surviving one of the scariest moments i had in India (that’s another story for another time!) my friends and i had settled into the hotel room and decided to brave the crazy Mumbai streets in search of adventure!

I must confess i didn’t know a whole lot about Mumbai except for the fact that it was a massive city with about the same population as my entire country and that it was home to the Bollywood scene!

When searching for things to do and see i stumbled across the Gateway of India – a stunning arch monument set alongside the shore of the Arabian Sea.

The “Gateway of India” was built to commemorate the arrival of King George V (the King of the United Kingdom and Emperor of India from 1910 to 1936) as well as his wife Queen Mary. Construction took place over 13 years and the Arch was completed in 1924.

It truly was a magical sight to see and one of my highlights from exploring Mumbai!

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