One of the first things that comes to mind when someone says Bangkok to me is the street food scene! If you don’t already know I’m telling you – it’s amazing! Any time day or night you can grab a bite to eat at the thousands upon thousands of street food vendors scattered along Bangkoks busy streets. This stunning photo was taken by Xavier Portella.


The Temple of Dawn (also known as Wat Arun) is truly a spectacular sight to lay your eyes on. From a distance some might say it’s simply another temple sitting alongside the river – but the magic is in the detail and once your up close you can’t help but be captivated by it’s beauty. I couldn’t find the photographer for this shot but i came across it on this website:

Tuktuk in Bangkok, Thailand, by freelance travel photographer Matthew Williams-Ellis

Your first tuk tuk ride anywhere in Asia will always be memorable – but there’s something extra special about zooming around Bangkok as you hold on for dear life in the back of one of these things. This epic shot was taken by Matthew Williams-Ellis – check out more of his work here:


Another absolutely gorgeous shot by Xavier Portella. My favourite thing about arriving in any city is wandering the streets. Nothing does more to immerse you in the vibe of a new city than getting lost within it.


And finally amid all the confusion and chaos, the hustle and bustle one of the highlights of your day could simply be stumbling upon a picture perfect scene like this. Bangkok will probably teach you many things but for me it taught me to appreciate simply stopping for a second and really taking the scene in. I believe this shot was taken by Stefano Ferro – check out more here:

I hope these photos have inspired you to make your way to Bangkok – i 100% recommend it and can’t wait to get back there at some point this year hopefully. If you have any fave photos of Bangkok tell me about them in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter @gdaymatejohn



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