Set amongst the busy shoppers, musicians busking and general pedestrians going about their day in the Rundle Street Mall of Adelaide, Australia lies a cool collection of public sculptures and art. One of the more notable ones is “The Spheres” by artist Bert Flugelman.


Affectionately known as “The Malls Balls” these two large stainless steel spheres are four metres tall and over two metres in diameter. The sculpture was erected in 1977 and was commissioned by the Hindmarsh Building Society (a local banking institute) and donated to the city of Adelaide to commemorate the banks centenary.

“The Malls Balls” is a popular place for people to meet and is particularly striking for it’s reflections and angles. Check out The Malls Balls as well as some other cool featured street art and sculptures including the bronze pigs, beehive corner and “The Fountain” in todays video!




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