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Incase you guys missed it and don’t follow me on Instagram here are all the pics that made it to the feed from my magical week in Paris!

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From wandering along the beautiful streets and listening to buskers fill the air with music to discovering the absolutely stunning Basilica de Sacre Coeur I was so inspired to photograph every angle of this city.

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Something that really stuck out to me as i explored was the life in the streets. Paris just has this vibe of togetherness and socialness to it that i adore. If only every city in the world had it’s own flavour of this!

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My favourite part? Apart from seeing the Eiffel Tower, eating baguettes, spending time with my friend Klara, taking in the Louvre, drinking wine, visiting the Moulin Rouge and Notre-Dame it was honestly probably the feeling i got when i first laid my eyes on the Arc de Triomphe! Gosh that has to be one of the most impressive things I have seen so far in my travels!

I stayed at an awesome hostel too which i totally recommend here.

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