Oh man! I think it’s safe to say i may have possibly had the best New Years Eve ever! One minute into the new year and i had already crossed one item of my bucketlist – watching the fire works over Sydney Harbour!

I has been planning to be in Sydney for New Years eve for like six months but it wasn’t really until a week or so before that it was all confirmed and happening, and boy am i glad that it all fell into place!

Check out the video i made from underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge and over at Cremorne Point on my youtube channel here.



Come explore the cute coastal town of Port Macquarie with me! Home to the Tacking Point Lighthouse overlooking Lighthouse Beach. I also got to check out the main township including the Glasshouse & Town Square.

I only managed to get one day of sightseeing done here and it definitely wasn’t enough time. Next time I’m wandering through these parts I’ll make sure to dedicate a few days to this place!


G’Day Guys! It feels awesome to be back in Australia even if it is only for a few weeks! I’ve got a mini east coast road trip planned to share with you guys over the next few weeks before the next destination too!

So it turns out my passport needs renewing (i didn’t really think about this before booking tickets and making travel plans – rookie error!). So for now my passport has been surrendered and i eagerly await my new one – hopefully before i take off again!

In the meantime check out how I’m readjusting to Australian life in the vlog below 🙂



Well the final week has arrived! I’m so very sad to be leaving Auckland – it truly has become home these past nine months. I daily vlogged my final week over two videos – check them out below 🙂

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