Last week i had the incredible opportunity to attend the Anzac Day Dawn Service here in Auckland, New Zealand.


What made it so significant you ask? Firstly for those who are unsure – Anzac Day is a memorial day observed each year in remembrance of soldiers from both Australia and New Zealand who have died whilst serving their country. It’s a bond that our two countries have and something that felt really special for me to be a part of here in New Zealand.

Out of respect i didn’t vlog during the morning service but did manage to share a bit of what was happening – also afterwards they opened up the War Memorial & Museum for the public and i got to wander around and see everything – which was amazing! Check out the video below!

I’m still so thrilled to be here in Auckland and still have lots of exciting things to do planned! Hope you’re enjoying the videos catch you soon guys! 🙂



Come check out the Auckland Pride Parade!

Some new mates and I headed along to Ponsonby, just outside of the downtown Auckland area, to watch the Gay Pride Parade in action! Afterwards we wandered along to K Road – a nightclub strip – in the city.

Drunken shenanigans ensued! Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel here to keep up with the adventure!



I remember many years ago (long before i caught the wanderlust bug) meeting two backpackers where I lived in the very touristy town of the Gold Coast, Australia.

 They would talk about surfing in Bali, hitchhiking around Europe, chatting up South American girls and many other travel related things all day long.

What specifically stuck in my head all these years later was when one of them was happy to stay on the Gold Coast working for a few months longer and the other one wanted to head south for the “Ski Season”.

I had no idea what that meant. Plus being someone who really struggles in cold temperatures I couldn’t think of anything worse than deliberately going to the snow.

Fast forward many years and I now find myself in New Zealand surrounded by people who are making plans to head to the South Island for winter for this mysterious “Ski Season”.


At first you would think I would have the same thoughts as before – struggling in the cold, not knowing anything worse than being in the snow – but for some bizarre reason

I can see people’s eyes light up when they talk about applying for jobs for the season,

I can hear the enthusiasm in their voice at being able to ski and snowboard in their spare time, and

I can feel their excitement at the thought of being in amongst it during the “Ski Season”.

And when i look at it through their eyes, i feel the same way.


I must confess – being nice and warm is more appealing to me than freezing to death!

But exploring the world and experiencing everything it has to offer appeals to me more.

Maybe i should look into this “Ski Season” thing a bit more? . . .


OMG Yum! In this episode of Lost In India we treated ourselves to a fancy dinner in Connaught Place, New Delhi before hitting up the poolside bar and getting our Hookah on! New Delhi is so so amazing and i can’t wait to return there one day!

Anyways, enjoy New Delhi with the video below while you can as the next stop for Lost In India is Agra and the Taj Mahal! Show this video some love and let me know in the comments what your favourite Indian dish is and if you’ve ever tried hookah!



If you know me well enough you would know that I am a big fan of Instagram. Nothing excites me more than sharing my adventures with you all and Instagram would have to be one of my favourite ways to do so.

But I was curious (given that my feed is purely Australia & New Zealand at the moment) to know which countries were the most Instagramed of all time?


  1. United Arab Emirates (36.5 Million)

It’s no surprise to see the home of cities including Dubai and Abu Dhabi on this list. With sights such as the Palm Islands, Dubai Mall, Ferrari World and of course the world tallest tower the Burj Khalifa the United Arab Emirates offer everyone the opportunity to take an Instagram worthy shot.


  1. United States of America (45.2 Million)

A country I’ve had the absolute pleasure of Instagraming, the good old USA. Over 45 million shots on Instagram are dedicated to this country and with good reason. From the Statue of Liberty to the Grand Canyon there are plenty of picture perfect snaps ready for your followers to like and comment on!


  1. Indonesia (45.4 Million)

If I could pick any country that I think would make for a stunning Instagram shot Indonesia would definitely be up there in the rankings, and so it is here. From classic favourites such as Bali to more emerging destinations such as Lombok, Sumatra & Gili Air – Indonesia will always deliver that perfect #nofilter shot for your feed.

japan 2-xlarge

  1. Japan (54.7 Million)

The land of the rising sun graces our list in the number two position. This island nation is home to sights such as Mt Fuji, the Imperial Palace and of course Tokyo which itself racks up an impressive 21 million tags on Instagram! With its beautiful scenery and modern cities Japan definitely earns its place on this list!


  1. Italy (55.1 Million)

The winner, you ask? It may come as a surprise to some but the number one all time Instagramed country title belongs to Italy! The Colosseum, Pantheon and Leaning Tower of Pisa are a mere drop in the ocean of the iconic sights and stunning views that visitors descend upon year after year.

Tell me in the comments below which countries have been your favourite to Instagram and and if you could pick any place to go right now to find the perfect shot where would it be?


G’Day folks! This year I’d really like to branch out and do different types of videos including tips, tricks, travels hacks and how-to videos! I thought i’d throw together a little vid for you all to check out how i pack and the process i go through – there might be a handy hint or two in there for you as well!

If you have some cool travel hacks or anything i might have missed be sure to leave a comment or link below so everyone can check them out!