This island nation, home to the Merlion, is a must do for any traveler. From a central business district injected with skyscraper steroids and logic defying architecture to the calm and unique wilderness, Singapore packs a whole lot of punch onto one small land mass.

Check out Part I of “John Hits Singapore” for an introduction to Singapore and a glimpse of icons such as Marina Bay Sands & The Singapore Flyer!

 This is probably one of my fave happy snaps from Singapore – taken in the entrance to the Singapore Flyer.

 Singapore is definitely not just about the city, the country itself is a like a giant mix bag bursting with verying cultural influences and nationalities – one of the most prominent being Indian. In fact, so much so is the Indian influence here that it gave birth to a district on the island known as “Little India” Check out “John Hits Singapore II” to explore Little India


More Singapore stuff coming soon! (this adventure is still under construction 😉

In the meantime, check out all my Singapore related posts by clicking here!


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